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Phyllis Klein

Phyllis Klein - Donahue, Hagen, Klein & Weisberg, LLC | ATTORNEY AT LAW<BR>FAMILY LAW
Donahue, Hagen, Klein & Weisberg, LLC
44 Whippany Rd
Suite 108A
Morristown, NJ  07960
Phyllis is a skilled family law attorney, specializing in mediation. She efficiently mediates divorce related issues for clients to successful conclusion. The timing of mediation is immaterial. Phyllis achieves settlement of unresolved issues at every point in the divorce process, regardless of the level of animus and the difficulty of the dispute issues. With and also without the assistance of clients' counsel, Phyllis has attained a high settlement success rate, which she attributes to her tenacity and blunt and common sense approach. The important components of Phyllis' process include her unique ability to distill the facts, define the problems and communicate and sell realistic options. Phyllis addresses all divorce related issues, including custody, parenting time, alimony, child support and the division of assets and liabilities. Although Phyllis specializes in mediation, Phyllis and the other attorneys in her firm also represent individual clients.